Reseller Program Come join us, Grow with us,
Grow with gold.

Build your network with Quantum Metal

In Quantum Metal Business we Do Not Have our company sales team and we Do Not Do retails. We believe in the power of “ WORDS OF MOUTH”. QM storage user Must Has a Reseller, without a reseller the person will Not Able to open an account Directly with QM. (This is to Protect the reseller program)

QM Reseller Organization is separate into 2 levels, Merchants and Dealers with different percentage of commission. All the Resellers are allow to request Marketing Material from QM; including : Brochures, Flyers, Streamers, Banners, Gold cover and etc. We always willing to Listen and Understand the reseller situation and Support them with our best Marketing team.

1st Level: Dealers

Any QM Gold Storage Account User can register as Dealer. Dealers Commission as shown below.

Minted Bar
1g 0
5g 2.5%
10g 2.5%
20g 2.5%
50g 2.0%
100g 2.0%
311g 1.7%
Cast Bar
1kg 1.0%
Gold Storage Acct
Per gram 1.0%

2nd Level: Merchants

QM Dealers will automatically upgrade as Merchants when he/she recruit 30 Dealers or assign by Quantum Metal. Merchants Commission as shown below.

Minted Bar
1g 0
5g 4.0%
10g 4.0%
20g 4.0%
50g 3.5%
100g 3.2%
311g 2.9%
Cast Bar
1kg 2.0%
Gold Storage Acct
Per gram 2.0%

Sales Comission Structure Preview

Sales Comission Structure

“Everyone can join us in the gold bull market as a gold dealers"


Founder & Executive Chairman

QM Gold Storage Account is not about selling product is about sharing knowledge. QM Gold Storage Account not only Protecting your Wealth but also Provide you Income. With QM Gold Storage account Anyone can be a Gold Seller Direct Gold Dealing ( Gold as Payment Transfer)

Build your own network by increasing your customer contact and also strengthen your social network. Always remember to collect your customer prospect data on NAME, IC NUMBER, PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL, cause this the basic needs to open an account. If possible always do a system walk through for you clients so they are familiar with the basic procedure of the system. Always feedback and work closely with QM Marketing Team so we can serve you better.