Warm Greeting! Special invitation to become our authorized merchant and dealer to trade Perth Mint gold bars product.


      Reseller Program is our leading program that allow you to sell and buy Perth Mint's products using our dedicated
      QMS (Quantum Metal System) to manage trading and customer online.

      Benefit of Reseller:

      ● Enjoy special rate to Sell and Buy Perth Mint's gold bars.
      ● Offer variety of product range 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, 50 gram and 100 gram.
      ● Manage your Sales, Staff and Customer in our QMS (Quantum Metal System) provided by company.
      ● Gold Bars by Perth Mint are 0% GST, attract more customer.
      ● Minimum stock to start as low as 10gram*
      ● Merchant and Dealer will provide with marketing material and training from time to time.
      *T&C Apply.

      Reseller Criteria:
      ● Individual or Company
      ● Achieved qualifying purchase
      ● An active bank account (under registered name) is required.

      Required Document

      ● Photocopy of Local Identification / Passport / Business Registration Certificate

      How To Register As Reseller
      1. Click Reseller Application Form online
      2. Fill in your personal details and submit
      Contact us (+604) (8249 202) or email

     Registration for Reseller Program
     i. Reseller Application Form (Online Version)
.    ii. Reseller Application Form (.PDF Version)

     Inquiry and submission email to:

    Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader  to open
    .PDF version. Click Here to download the application.





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