Quantum Metal Sdn. Bhd. (1011907U) registered on 30th July, 2012 with a paid up capital of RM1,000,000.00.
     As Perth Mint authorized distributor, Quantum Metal core business is providing Perth Mint gold products to the
     market out of Australia. Quantum Metal has developed an integrated system link to Perth Mint enabling real
     time transaction from Australia.

     Quantum Metal initiates the linkup between local banks and Perth Mint. Quantum Metal business model
     simplify risk assessment of local bank with local bank to have direct transaction and legal deal with Perth Mint.
     Local bank will have direct account and guaranteed by Perth Mint.

     As Quantum Metal customer, local bank is free of capital expenditure for the project as 100% of system and
     infrastructure will be invested by Quantum Metal Sdn Bhd. Our return of investment is through revenue sharing
     model with local bank. Quantum Metal team is continuously investing in providing the best SOP model and
     secured real time online integration between local banks and Perth Mint.




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2015 Gold and Precious Metals Price Outlook Conference (GOC2015)


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